Altarpiece of Lord of Humility and Patience

This is the fourth and last altarpiece in this chapel of Saint John the Baptist. 

It consists of a niche in which is placed the carving of the Christ of Humility and Patience, from the Canarian sculpture school of the mid-17th century. 

This figure is guarded by the Vera Cruz and Mercy Brotherhood, and has the procession on Holy Tuesdays and Good Friday.

The altarpiece has a single body and finial, entirely carved with cartouches, mirrors and vegetal motifs, made of mahogany.

On either side of the niche, two feather-grass are perfectly carved and decorated "a candelieri".

The upper part of the niche is occupied by a large "venera" (shell). 

Its interior is completely polychrome, bearing inscriptions that reproduce the text of the first lamentation 12 lamed, from the lamentations of Jeremiah.

The literal text of which is as follows: 'O vos omnes qui transitis per viam, attendite, et videte si est dolor sicut dolor meus'. Which we can translate "O you who pass this way. Look and see if there is pain comparable to mine!"

The attic is decorated with a paint, depicting Saint John the Baptist and Saint Nicholas of Bari.

The entire tabernacle is carved with small engraved flowers. 

In the centre of the tabernacle door is a scale, with a skull on the left-hand pan with this inscription: 'Mors est malis' (Death is evil) and on the right-hand pan a flaming heart with wings and this inscription: 'Vita bonis' (Life is good).

All this is crowned by a chalice with the Host, a radiant cloud and the Triangle symbolising the Holy Trinity. 

Today, the tabernacle with the Blessed Sacrament is located here, which is why this area is especially dedicated to prayer.

On the side ledge of this chapel there is a recently carved image of Saint Joseph.

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