Altarpiece of Nieves-Ravelo

Continuing the visit, we find the chapel of the Nieves-Ravelo family, also known as the chapel of the Virgen del Carmen.

It was Captain Juan de las Nieves Ravelo, buried at the foot of this Baroque altarpiece, who sponsored its construction.

It was made by a follower of the prestigious master sculptor Antonio Álvarez, in the second half of the 17th century, and can be considered as the continuator of Orbarán's work.

It is made up of two floors and three streets.

The first section is divided into three niches with finely carved columns.

In these three niches we find:

In the central one, a statue of the Virgen del Carmen made by the Murcian sculptor Jesús Hernández, and donated to this church in 2008.

In the one on the left, Saint Gemma Galgani, venerated in this church since 1995.

On the right, an Austrian image of San Roque, dating from 1998.

The second section is occupied by three oil paintings, distributed as follows:
The central one represents a large painting of the Souls, presided over by the Archangel Saint Michael with the Virgin of Carmen to his right and Saint Francis of Assisi to his left, all of them above the Souls in Purgatory. 

It is attributed to the painter Gaspar Afonso de Quevedo, born in La Orotava in 1616.

The two canvases in the side streets represent two Franciscan saints, Saint Peter of Alcántara (left) and Saint Francis of Assisi (right). They are thought to have been painted by the painter Cristóbal Hernández de Quintana, born in Orotava, and painted between 1684 and 1687.

On the door of the tabernacle there is a form-up depicting Christ holding the globe in one hand and blessing it with the other. 

The altar has a rococo-style frontal. 

In the predella there are two coats of arms, one of them, the one on the left, is that of the Nieves Ravelo family.

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